Version 3.2.2

FunnelManager Version 3.2.2 Release Notes


Version 3.2.2 focuses on the incorporation of channel activation into new Campaign Creation and Summary layouts. These release notes provide an overview of the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in FunnelManager’s version 3.2.2 release.

New Features and Enhancements

Pause/Unpause Published Campaign/Channel

  • This major update introduces the improved ability to pause and unpause published campaigns and channels, providing users with enhanced control over their marketing activities.
  • CDS API update to control pause / unpause actions
  • FM Activator management in pause / unpause scenarios

Campaign Flow Update

  • A major update to improve the overall campaign flow, combining campaign and activations into a single-step, ensuring a smoother experience for users navigating through different stages.
  • Refinement of the third step in the campaign creation process, specifically related to channel management
  • Further UI improvements, including status editor review

Campaign Summary Improvements

  • A refined estimate/report component in the Campaign Summary, organized by status for improved reporting.

Segment Lock

  • This minor improvement ensures that segment creation is properly locked during the test audience phase to prevent unintentional editing of the segment query.

Bug Fixes

Constant Reload

  • This re-emerging bug causing constant reloads has been addressed, ensuring a more stable user experience.

Channel Type Filters

  • Resolved an issue related to the display of channels under channel type filters for more accurate campaign and configuration overviews.

Required Fields on Save

  • Fixed a bug related to non-required fields on save of duplicate campaigns blocking the save action, ensuring a smoother campaign creation process.

Other Changes

Superadmin Layout (beta)

  • Though currently not released to clients, a Superadmin layout has been included for future configuration controls and system health checks.

Release: January 2024