FunnelConnect Web Services

Teavaro’s FunnelConnect (FC) web services enable data controllers to manage their customers’ and digital service users’ data via a Universal Marketing ID (UMID) and server-side identity, permissions, notifications and data activation layer. Any of this data can also be handled client-side via for example session storage data object.

Each UMID is linked to a Universal Marketing Device ID (UMDID) also stored on device within the UMDID cookie or within an app storage, which connects the device (e.g. browser or apps) with the UMID and profile.

Services include:

  1. User / customer identification
  2. Retrieval of UMID with UMDID or other client identifier
  3. Retrieval of permissions (consent and / or legitimate interest)
  4. Retrieval of notification status, version, and history
  5. Retrieval of attributes (for example segment IDs or key-value-pairs)
  6. Retrieval of user or customer state
  7. Updating of permissions
  8. Updating of notification status
  9. Resetting of UMID and other Personal Identifiable Information (PII) links
  10. Pseudonymisation of Customer Identifiers (for example orderid)