FunnelManager Campaigns: Empowering Targeted Marketing


Campaigns in FunnelManager represent the pinnacle of your marketing strategy, providing a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, and optimizing targeted campaigns. As the second and final step in the campaign flow, FunnelManager Campaigns offer a suite of features to enhance audience engagement across various channels.

Key Features of FunnelManager Campaigns

  1. Construct Audiences Using Segments:

    • At the campaign level, users can seamlessly combine preconstructed segments to build highly targeted campaigns.
    • Create both scheduled and trigger-based campaigns for distribution across a variety of engagement channels.
  2. Define Multiple Audiences for Diverse Offers:

    • Unlock the power of personalized marketing by defining multiple audiences within a single campaign.
    • Each audience can be associated with specific offers, allowing for a diverse and tailored approach to campaign targeting.
  3. Ensure Data Usage Compliance with Permissions Management:

    • FunnelManager prioritizes data compliance by empowering users to add permission rules to campaign audiences.
    • Real-time customer data is utilized, ensuring campaigns adhere to regulatory standards.
  4. Send Audience Data to Selected Channels:

    • Define the marketing channels to which audience data will be sent, creating a seamless integration with your preferred channels.
    • Augment campaigns with channel-specific metadata, providing additional context and information.

Getting Started with FunnelManager Campaigns

  1. Navigate to Campaigns:

    • Access the Campaigns section in FunnelManager, the second and final step in the campaign flow.
  2. Construct Audiences:

    • Combine preconstructed segments to form targeted campaigns, leveraging both scheduled and trigger-based strategies.
  3. Define Multiple Audiences:

    • Enhance personalization by defining multiple audiences within a single campaign, each associated with specific offers.
  4. Ensure Data Compliance:

    • Add permission rules to campaign audiences, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards and real-time customer data usage.
  5. Send Data to Channels:

    • Define marketing channels for audience data delivery, combining it with channel-specific metadata to enrich your campaigns.


FunnelManager Campaigns are your gateway to effective and targeted marketing. Leverage the platform’s features to construct dynamic campaigns, define diverse audiences, ensure data compliance, and seamlessly integrate with your preferred marketing channels. Elevate your marketing strategy with FunnelManager Campaigns today.