Pseudonymisation API

Web service to pseudonymise PII, for example orderid as part of online purchase process, so that it can be shared with Analytics tools. In case no pseudonymised value exists a new one will be generated and stored on the current identified profile for future usage.

GET Request

GET /op/[pipeline]/orderid?umdid=[umdid]&out=js&orderid=[orderid]

Request Parameters

Name Value Description
umdid (Cookie Parameter; optional) Random unique value provided by FC The umdid cookie used for identification.
orderid (Query Parameter; mandatory)   The orderid for which a pseudonymised orderid (porderid) should be returned.
out (Query Parameter; optional) js or json Return javascript or json, default value is js.

Response Body

Name Type Values Optional Description
porderid String Random UUID Yes The pseudonymised orderid.

Example JSON Response

Content-Type: application/json


Example JavaScript Response

Content-Type: application/javascript

var fcData = {"porderid":"bc639a98-27aa-433b-ba63-12910991cf83"};