Version 3.1.4


Version 3.1.4 is released in conjunction with version 3.1.3 due to the interlinking nature of the developed functionalities. In version 3.1.4, we update the channel configuration for 3rd-party activators, expand native reporting chart types (beta version) and make updates to the A/B testing UI (beta version).

  • Campaign A/B Testing (beta)

    • application configurability

    • improvements to campaign flow regarding A/B testing functionality

    • campaign and activation summary displays of A/B testing updated

  • Third-party Activators (3PA) functionality

    • multi-destination configuration for channels added

    • 3PA variable templates and UI completed

    • updates to Channel Reference in Activation Creation

    • Channel status display added to Activation Reporting for clearer updates on Activation progress

    • includes error display for failed reports
    • Type Selection improvements to Activation and Campaign Creation

    • Updated Channel Config Summary display to include 3PA elements and multi-destination

  • UX improvements

    • updated breadcrumbs for improved navigation

    • Campaign and Activation Creation improvements to assist completion and naivgation

    • various minor design bug fixes

Release: January 2023