Campaign Overview

FunnelManager Campaign Overview

Campaign Table

Upon selecting “Campaigns” from the menu, you’ll enter a summary table displaying all campaigns in the FunnelManager instance. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Search and Filter:

    • The table is fully searchable using the search bar on the top right, and you can filter campaigns by status.
    • Quick filters for all campaigns (All Folders) and unsorted campaigns (Unknown Folder) are available to the left of the search bar.
  • Table Management:

    • The table headers allow for easy ordering of campaigns.
    • The right sidebar houses campaign folders and management tools.
  • Campaign Creation:

    • To create a new campaign, locate the Campaign Creation button (+) at the top right of the table.
  • Campaign Access:

    • Clicking on a specific campaign within the table will open that campaign’s Campaign Summary.

Campaign List View

Campaign Summary

The Campaign Summary provides a detailed view of the campaign, including:

  • Top-Level Information:

    • Campaign status, category, audience filter, and system campaign ID, creator, and creation date are displayed in a pop-up information window.
  • Information Windows:

    1. Schedule:
      • Lists audience refresh, start date, and end date. Defaults can be set if the campaign is saved before scheduling during creation.
    2. Audience Information:
      • Details of the audience(s) associated with the campaign, including user-defined Audience ID, Audience Rule, and a view of audience metadata. Compliance overview is available in a separate tab.
    3. Linked Channel:
      • Details of the activation channel, including System Activation ID to assist with troubleshooting.
    4. Estimate / Campaign Report:
      • Provides an estimate (for unpublished campaigns) or a report (for active and completed campaigns) overview, detailing the number of available users in the campaign.
  • Campaign Controls:

    • Tools to edit, duplicate, archive, and delete the campaign are available.
    • Direct controls for an active campaign are accessible (see Campaign Controls).

Campaign Summary

Campaign Versioning

When fundamental changes are made to the campaign definition, a new version of the campaign is defined. Key points include:

  • Visibility:

    • At present, only the current version can be seen by users, but versions are stored in database tables for reference if necessary.
  • Future Enhancements:

    • In the future, past campaign versions will be available via the UI.

Now that you have an overview, dive into the Campaign Summary to manage and optimise your campaigns effectively!