Version 3.0.0


The focus of the version 3.0 update are improvements on design and user experience (UX) for the application as a whole. As such, key areas including navigation, user access and user flow are addressed and modified.

  • Application redesign incorporating major changes to the user interfaces for:

    • campaign builder

    • profile summary

  • FunnelAnalyst integration

    • profile-level (Quicksight) dashboards

    • dashboard access management added to BE

  • Profile Summary under single-page design

    • all functionality accessible via summary tabs
  • Campaign Builder flow improvements

    • scheduling: moved from initial set up to publishing of campaign or activation of activation

      • scheduling rules enforced and guidance provided on screen
    • system criteria checks added to campaign and activation

      • estimate check (to ensure that item is running smoothly)

      • status check

      • activation checks for published campaign status

      • campaign publish added to flow if necessary

    • reporting: auto-estimate on save of all segment, campaign and activation versions

    • redesign of creation inputs to improve usability

    • improved builder design and functionality for segment and campaign definition

  • User security and access improvements

    • Keycloak integration

    • user access permissions updates


Design Update

For version 3, a complete re-design of the FunnelManager has been undertaken, with the initial version introducing new navigation and layouts for key pages.

FunnelAnalyst Integration

To start the FunnelAnalyst integration envisaged for the early version 3 releases, Quicksight dashboards are integrated in this release, with individual user accesses controlled via Teavaro admins.

Profile Summary

Alongside the re-design, Profile Summary for both the tester and lookup features has been overhauled to include all information on a tabbed, single-page layout.

Campaign Builder

The campaign flow is updated to respond to user preferences and system requirements. Going forward, this flow will be further improved based on UX consultation, user feedback and system updates.

User Access and Security

For FunnelManager version 3, Keycloak has been integrated to improve user access management and security.

Release: January 2022