The FunnelConnect (short FC) Ident request identifies a user through a provided identifier, which can be for example a hashed or encrypted login ID, network ID or user token send in a query string parameter or custom request header.

The Ident call can be used with a login or other form of customer identification to identify the user as a specific customer and set a 1st party cookie for subsequent identification.

The Ident call provides a number of Identity Resolution operations on the user’s ID Graph profile, including visitor to customer profile upgrade, profile merge, and profile context switch, when a customer changes his/her account via different logins for example.

GET Request

GET /op/[pipeline]/ident?fc_hcid=[hashedCustomerID]&s2s=[1|2]

Request Parameters

The query string parameter name for the identifier can be configured in the pipeline as required.

Name Value Description
fc_hcid (Query Parameter; required) Hashed ID Any identifier string, for example a sha256 hashed ID or an encrypted ID. The query string parameter name can be defined in the pipeline.
umdid (Cookie Parameter; optional) Random unique value provided by FC. Either the umdid query parameter or the umdid cookie needs to be provided.
s2s (Query Parameter; optional) 1 or 2 1 returns an empty response body, 2 returns a transparent pixel.

While the customer identifier query string parameter names can be freely defined in the pipeline, here some suggestions:

Name Description
fc_hemail Hashed (sha256 plus salt) email
fc_cid Customer ID
fc_hcid Hashed (sha256 plus salt) Customer ID
fc_hmsisdn Hashed (sha256 plus salt) mobile phone number

Response Cookies

Name Value Description
umdid Random unique value provided by FC. The umdid cookie used for identification.