FunnelManager provides users with a means to access individual profiles and their data with a categorised layout to assist navigation of profile identifiers, attributes, permissions and notifications.

FunnelManager combines a number of functionalities for the various requirements related to profiles:

Profile Viewer

  • Profile Search - the use of identifiers to look up a profile

  • Profile Summary - the profile summary page detailing relevant profile information

  • Identifiers - the identifier summary for a profile, including device identifiers

  • Attributes View - the attributes, permissions and notifications associated with the profile

  • Linked Domains - the IDConnect activity associated to that profile, with subsequent device and consent details

Profile Tester

  • Test Profile Creation - accessing a test profile

  • Test Profile View - navigating the profile summary page

  • Identifiers - profile identifier management within the profile test tool, including device identifiers and profile reset

  • Attribute Editor - management of profile attributes, permissions and notifications within the profile test tool

TargetData View

An unedited view of the activated profile data within the Teavaro CDP TargetData database