Profile Lookup

The Profile Lookup functionality allows users to search for profiles using available identifiers to return a summary of identifiers, attributes, permissions and notifications; view TargetData profiles; and access IDConnect domain history, and consents.

Profile Lookup Table

When a user selects Profile Lookup, the Profile Lookup History loads. This is a table showing all previous profiles that have been searched for in the instance, listed by the identifier that was used for their search.

Each profile in this list can be entered again by clicking on the line item.

By selecting the ‘+’ button above the Profile Table, users can search for a profile.

The resulting lookup window allows users to specify the identifier they would like to use for the lookup.

Once the correct identifier is selected, the identifier value can be used to search for the desired profile.

The search will display the Profile Summary for the specified profile.

Profile Summary

When a profile is looked up, the information for that profile is made available in the Profile Summary.

From this screen, a user can access views of available data across TargetData and IDConnect if these services are enabled:

  • Identifiers

  • Attributes

  • TargetData View

  • Linked Domains

The Profile Summary also gives a summary overview of the profile, including:

  • Identifier Summary

  • Permission Summary (TargetData)

  • Recent Linked Domains (IDConnect)

Note: the Profile Summary will not display all of these items if there is no relevant information to be displayed (for example, if no TargetData profile exists, no permissions will be displayed)

Delete Profile Lookup History

The bin icon in the Profile Summary sidebar allows a user to delete the profile lookup history. As a result, the profile will not be displayed in the profile lookup table, but can be accessed again at any time using the Profile Search.

Further confirmation is requested to delete a profile.

Identifier Summary

The Identifier Summary view provides a breakdown of Profile-Level and Device-Level identifiers for the profile.

Identifiers can be copied to clipboard on hover over of the identifier value.

From this summary, Device-Level Identifiers can also be accessed individually to view Reference IDs.

Attributes Viewer

The Attributes tab provides access to the attributes, permissions and notifications within the TargetData profile.

  • Attributes Table - lists the attributes within the profile.

  • Permissions Table - lists the permissions within the profile.

  • Notifications Table - lists the notifications within the profile.

Linked Domains

The Linked Domains summary lists all IDConnect-enabled domains the profile has accessed.

Each session generates a new line item with a unique ConnectID (the unique identifier generated by the IDConnect service identification call).

These line items can be opened into a summary of the specific session, the Domain View. This shows a summary of each IDConnect event, listing associated devices and consents.