FunnelManager Segments: Easy-to-Use Audiences

Welcome to the exciting world of FunnelManager Segments! This guide will take you through the process of creating and managing dynamic audience segments for your campaigns.

About Segments

Segments are the backbone of the FunnelManager campaign flow, serving as the first crucial step in crafting targeted and effective campaigns. Here’s what you can do with segments:

  • Create Reusable Audience Rules:

    • Build reusable audience rules using selected data, providing flexibility for multiple campaigns.
  • Configure Targeting Data Fields:

    • Customize data fields for targeting and create audience selection rules using an intuitive user interface with Boolean logic.
  • Estimate Segment Sizes:

    • Plan your campaigns effectively by estimating the sizes of your segments.
  • Test and Refine:

    • Test segment sizes with and without compliance using segment estimation reporting, offering a snapshot view of audience size for precise campaign planning.

Segment List

Upon selecting “Segment” from the menu, you’ll dive into a dynamic summary table displaying all segments in your FunnelManager instance.

  • Searchable and Sortable:

    • Easily search and order your segments with a fully searchable table and sortable headers.
  • Efficient Management:

    • Navigate through segment folders and use quick filters for streamlined management.
  • Quick Creation:

    • Initiate segment creation with the Segment Creation button (+) for seamless new segment development.

Segment List View

Segment Summary

The Segment Summary provides a comprehensive view of Segment Information, including category, status, creation date, ID, and description.

  • Editing Tools:
    • Edit, duplicate, archive, and delete segments with ease, all conveniently located in the right sidebar.

Segment Summary View

Segment Status

Currently, the only Segment Status is “Available,” enabling users to estimate segment audiences and use them in campaigns.

Segment Versioning

When significant changes are made to the segment definition, a new version is defined. Presently, only the current version is visible, except in reporting, where previous version reports are stored for reference.

Segment Reporting

Segment reporting offers a snapshot estimation of audience size to assist users in campaign construction. The estimate can be refined by selecting compliance rules and audience filters.

Segment Summary View

  • Autoestimation:

    • The segment will autoestimate upon the first save, and subsequent snapshots or versions require manual estimation.
  • Email Notifications:

    • Receive estimates and reports directly in your inbox. In case of estimate failure, contact the support team for assistance.

Exciting times ahead as you embark on the journey of creating powerful segments in FunnelManager! Get ready to supercharge your campaigns with targeted and effective audience engagement.