Click Identification

This web service enables various Click to Actions, including click to call, click to page, and click to open an app (for example Facebook), to serve the purpose of identifying the device’s native (default) brower and connecting it to a customer or subscriber profile.

The customer or subscriber identifier can be passed with a query string parameter as hashed or encrypted value.

In that process it opens the native (default) brower and sets a first party cookie, while handling server side all identity resolution functionality including new profile creation if there is not already one, visitor profile merge into customer profile and context switching between customer profiles.

These Click to Actions can be used in various ways, for example within an email or app push notification message, enabling the sender to link that user with its customer identifier to the device’s native (default) brower, so that a first party cookie can be set or read, and subsequently be used for personalisation and attribution.


Name Description
Content-Type None
Path /op/[pipeline]/click?param=[hashed/encrypted ID]&uri=[URL encoded destination]

Request Parameters

Name Required Description
uri Yes The uri value is the destination, which can be a URL of a landing page, location for an app to be opened, or a phone number to be called. The whole value string needs to be URL encoded. Examples:
  • uri=tel%3A%2B443432221234
  • uri=fb%3A%2F%2F
fc_hcid (Query Parameter) Yes Can be any query string parameter name for the required customer identifier, which should be a hashed or encrypted string.
[Any other parameter] No Other required query string parameters can be added. These query string parameters can be included in the destination uri for example to personalise the destination experience.

While the customer identifier query string parameter names can be freely defined in the pipeline, here some suggestions:

Name Description
fc_hemail Hashed (sha256 plus salt) email
fc_cid Customer ID
fc_hcid Hashed (sha256 plus salt) Customer ID
fc_hmsisdn Hashed (sha256 plus salt) mobile phone number

Response HTTP Status Codes

Code Name Description
307 Temporary Redirect Successful request returning a redirect.
400 Bad Request The request does not conform to the specification.
404 Not Found Endpoint has not been configured.
500 Internal Server Error An error occurred on the server side. For example the DB access timed out.

Response Headers

Name Description
Location The uri value without URL encoding including any specified query string parameters and inlined query string parameters as per pipeline setup.
Set-Cookie The Base64 encoded umdid cookie. Example: umdid=NjU0ZjAzYjMtZDc2Zi00YTA3LTgyMWItYmQ5YmYzNjZmYjE1fDgyNDJhN2NkLWJiNWYtNGVlZi05NzJiLWI5OWQxMWQ2Nzg4YXwx; Max-Age=31536000; Expires=Wed, 07 Apr 2021 22:40:55 GMT; SameSite=None; Path=/op/;; Secure; HTTPOnly

Example Calls

Sample calls as they could be embedded in an HTML email message.

Click to Call

<a href="">Call: +447782324970</a>

Click to Web Page

<a href="">Go to</a>

Click to App

<a href="">Open your FB App</a>