FunnelImporter allows users to import data into the Teavaro CDS via the Master Feed Activator.

Master Feed

The Master Feed Activator contains the functionality to ingest incoming data files.

Similarly to campaign-based Activations, by selecting “Master Feed” from the menu, you will enter into a summary table showing all master feed activations in the FunnelManager instance that is fully searchable and can be filtered by status.

The right sidebar houses the activation folders and their management tools.

Clicking on a specific activation within the table will open that campaign’s Master Feed View.

To the top left of the segment table is the Master Feed Creation button (+), used to create a new activation.

Create Master Feed

To create a master feed activation, select the ‘+’ button above the Master Feed Table. This will open the Create Activation wizard.

To create a campaign activation:

  • Add Activation Name

  • Add Description – a short note to describe the campaign for other users

  • Select Folder (see Folder System)

  • Select Activation Channel – only master feed channels available

Once all fields have been completed, the Master Feed activation can be saved.

Master Feed Summary

Once saved, the Master Feed Summary will be available when selecting individual activation from the activation table. This activation view provides a summary of the activation details, including creator, creation date, schedule and current status.

Within this view, there are tools to edit, duplicate, archive and delete the activation (see Activation Management). The right sidebar is dedicated to activation reporting.

Activation Status

IMPORTANT: Within the Activation View, there is a “Publish” button to make the activation active (live).

Activation Reporting

Activation reporting allows for the campaign audience sizes to be estimated and tested prior to publishing the activation (AVAILABLE status). The activation is auto-estimated upon creation and for every subsequent version edit. The Estimate button also allows users to take a snapshot estimate of an activation at their convenience (for example, to test an activation set up some time previously but not published).

When the activation is PUBLISHED, this estimate function is no longer available, and instead the reporting shows the figures for the latest activation execution, including breakdown by offer.

All estimates and reports are emailed to the user who initiates them also.

Editing an Activation

Selecting the edit tool (the pencil icon) opens the activation wizard with the details of the selected activation loaded.

The activation can be edited similarly to activation creation. Depending on the Activation Status, various entries may be closed to editing to the user. The table below provides a view of all possible edits:

Copying an Activation

An activation may be copied using the copy to add icon.

This functionality will open what is a new activation (see activation creation) with entries pre-filled with the copied campaign information.

Changes may also be made to the copied activation, as with editing (see above), should such be required.

Archiving an Activation

If the activation status allows for the action, an activation may be archived by selecting the box icon and confirming the archive action.

Activations that are active will not be available for archiving, and the archive function icon will not be available for selection.

Deleting an Activation

Like the archive function, the delete function is only available to activations of a certain status (Available).

An activation may be deleted by selecting the bin icon and confirming the delete action. This action removes the activation from the FunnelManager interface but not the activation record.

Deleted activations are removed on a quarterly basis from the activation record. Should retrieval be required, Teavaro Support should be notified as soon as possible, as the activation may still be available.

Activate Master Feed

When the master feed activation is ready for use, it should be activated.

Any AVAILABLE activation can be activated using the “Activate” button on the top right of the Master Feed Summary screen.

To activate an activation, a user must:

  • Schedule Master Feed - select a Start and End Date

  • Email Notification - select an email report delivery schedule

Schedule Master Feed

The first step of activating is to select the start and end date of the master feed activation:

The scheduling must follow these rules:

  • The start date cannot be before the current date

  • The end date cannot be before the current date

  • The end date cannot be before the start date

Email Notification

Once the master feed scheduling has been completed, the user must select an email notification schedule for the reporting. The default is ‘never’.

Once this has been selected, the master feed can be activated.

Edit Schedule

The schedule can be changed when the master feed activation is active through the edit functionality.

The start and end date and times can be updated and saved. In this way, an active activation can be paused.

Stop Master Feed

An active master feed activation can be stopped all together by using the ‘Deactivate’ button on the Master Feed Summary screen.

Once the master feed activation has been stopped, it cannot be re-activated.