Version 3.1.2


Version 3.1.2 introduces further updates to the codebook configurability and functionality. Further UI improvements have been implemented across Profiles, Campaigns and Configuration also.

  • Profile functionality

    • Device Identifier view improvements

    • Linked Domain style update

    • Identifier display length restrictions introduced

  • Codebook functionality

    • FM Codebook updated with key value pair on activation of channel

    • Set CodeBook hashed name and hashed value with the original name and value

    • Individual configurability of codebook functionality (editing and additional fields)

    • Additional logging to track codebook updates

  • Campaign area improvements

    • Campaign folder selection allows selection removal

    • Fixed bug in end date validation for published campaigns

    • Most recent items presented at top of tables by default

  • UX updates

    • Translation file updates for new areas (e.g. dashboard management)

    • Maintenance Page and 404 Error Page created

    • IDConnect area style update

    • Collapsible side menu

    • Dashboard management search/save improvements

    • Site-wide scrollbar updates

Release: August 2022