Version 3.1.3


Version 3.1.3 was released in conjunction with version 3.1.4 due to the interlinking nature of the developed functionalities. In version 3.1.3, we introduced the initial updates for 3rd-party activators (non-configuration changes to activation flow and reporting), native reporting (beta version) and A/B testing (beta version).

  • Native Reporting Dashboard functionality

    • capability to interpret and display reporting from internal analytics tables

    • updated reporting permissions to incorporate new native dashboard reporting

  • Campaign A/B Testing UI (beta)

    • update to campaign creation to allow for users to split campaign audiences for A/B testing
    • audience percentage split definition

    • selection of balance variables (e.g. gender) to ensure accurate testing results

    • update to activation creation to define tests at offer level
    • test selection UI
    • movement of offer metadata definition to activation creation
  • Third-party Activator (3PA) functionality

    • Channel Reference in Activation Creation to view 3PA variables and file content
  • Improvements to campaign builder tools for user accessibility

  • Kibana reporting access from FunnelManager main menu

    • updated permissions for user access to functionality

Release: January 2023