Version 3.2.1


The version 3.2.1 focusses on new Campaign Creation and Summary layouts to lay the groundwork for the incorporation of channel selection into the campaign flow (in version 3.2.2).

With multiple sub-releases for version 3.2.0, this version also aligns all fixes and minor improvements across platform functionality.

  • Campaign Creation and Summary functionality

    • easier to understand flow for Campaign Creation

    • inclusion of Scheduling in Campaign Creation

    • straight-to-publish functionality

    • improved information layout on Summary view

    • secondary functionality such as compliance are now removed from the main flow, but still accessible

    • reduced email notification selection for improved user understanding

  • Minor improvements to Segment Creation

    • fix for issue with blacklist addition
  • Minor updates to UI design in Inlining Config

    • information card for secondary information

    • new layout for permitted domains

  • Minor update to channel configuration to prevent activator errors

  • Updated permissions for easier assignment and management

Release: October 2023