Version 3.1.1


Version 3.1.1 introduces further updates to the channel configuration manager (beta) and implements improved blacklist functionality to the segment builder. Further UI improvements have been implemented across Profiles, Campaigns and Configuration also.

  • Segment Builder blacklist update

    • blacklist functionality now allows for multiple blacklists to be implemented at segment-level

    • blacklist has been separated from the segment builder and is available to users in separate tabs (one for each blacklist)

    • blacklist counts have been introduced to give further control over blacklist use cases (e.g. a user can now create a blacklist when a given number of events is exceeded, rather than just if a single event is seen)

  • Channel Config Manager updates

    • bug fixes in API

    • module controls for channel type

    • additional builder components for implementation in version 3.1.2

  • CodeBook management improved

    • source change to Postgres table

    • basis for improved implementation of FM codebook during campaign flow (to be updated in version 3.1.2)

  • Keycloak authentication issue fixed

    • Token expiry when logged in
  • UI improvements

    • collapsed UMDID list for more manageable profile overview

    • ID copy capability in profiles (identifiers tab)

    • improved scrollbars and search capability across application

Release: July 2022