FunnelManager Online Guide

Welcome to the FunnelManager Online Guide

Hello User! This page is a high-level introduction to the FunnelManager Platform, including what it does.

What is FunnelManager?

FunnelManager is the user interface portal for the Teavaro Customer Data Platform (CDP), which provides clients with a service that collects and activates user data from across their digital properties (websites, apps, etc.) and activities (marketing, etc.), and imported data such as CRM and transactional data. This data can then be combined, enriched and connected to external channels to fulfil a whole host of use cases.

What does FunnelManager do?

FunnelManager allows users access to the data profiles within the Teavaro CDP to:

  • Test user experiences and engagements with specific test profiles that are fully editable via the FunnelManager interface

  • Build audiences from various data sources, including web site, app and other channel usage, based on audience segmentation of behavioural information, purchase transactions, CRM attributes, and calculated scores (for example, propensity) and complex event processing.

  • Access data management resources

Each functionality is further described in this guide.

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