Version 3.2.0


The version 3.2.0 release introduces a new Segment Creation and Summary and improved Channel Configuration functionalities for better usability and navigation. Updates to the CDS API, user group permissions and IDConnect configuration are also included. In the next releases, the campaign manager will be further improved.

  • Segment Creation and Summary functionality

    • new in-builder estimation for testing segments while in-progress

    • improved layout to maximise the segment “work area” for creation

    • streamlined Segment save process

    • improved information layout on Summary view

  • Third-Party Activator (3PA) Channel Configuration

  • introduction of 3PA Channel Type configuration UI for Google, Facebook, etc. connections

  • configurable templates to allow channel creation across multiple 3P accounts

  • Updated hash and encrypt process for File Activators

  • User group and key attribute permissions now available

    • ability to restrict data view to category

    • improved permission setup for automated allocation

  • Minor IDConnect updates relating to domain permissions

  • Minor updates to UI design in Inlining Config

Release: July 2023