Campaign Builder

Introduction to Campaign Builder (Segments & Campaigns)

Welcome to the exciting world of Campaign Builder, where creativity meets strategy to shape powerful marketing campaigns. In this dynamic platform, users have harnessed the potential of Segments and Campaigns to drive impactful marketing initiatives.

Campaign Builder Unleashed

Campaign Builder empowers users to seamlessly integrate Segments and Campaigns, creating a holistic approach to marketing endeavors. Segments enable the creation of reusable audience rules, while Campaigns provide a canvas to construct targeted campaigns with precision. In Campaign Builder, you’ll discover a user-friendly interface that allows for the creation of audience segments using Boolean logic. Dive into the wizardry of Segments, where you can define rules, estimate audience sizes, and even test compliance—all without saving the segment. The Campaign flow has been updated for a smoother experience, combining campaigns and activations into a single step. With Campaign Summary improvements, you’ll find refined estimates and reports organized by status, facilitating effective campaign planning.

Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up Segments and Campaigns

Follow this quick guide to navigate the setup of Segments and Campaigns for effective marketing campaigns.

Setting Up Segments:

  1. Create a Segment:

    • Open the Create Segment wizard by clicking the “+” button.
    • Add a Segment Name, Description, and select a Category.
    • Choose a Folder (optional).
  2. Segment Definition:

    • Use the Boolean Rule Builder to define segment rules.
    • Select data field group, field, logic, and value for each rule.
    • Utilize Raw Values, Collect Fields, and Blacklisted Rules if needed.
  3. Save the Segment:

    • Save the segment to generate a Segment Summary.
    • Receive an audience estimate for effective planning.
  4. In-Page Estimate:

    • Test your segment without saving using in-page estimate functionality.
    • Refine rules based on results.

Setting Up Campaigns:

  1. Create a New Campaign:

    • Select “+ New Campaign” for the campaign creation wizard.
    • Fill in Campaign Details, including Name, ID, Description, and Folder.
  2. Audience Selection:

    • Choose Audience Category and Filter.
    • Define multiple Audiences (Offers) using Boolean Rule Builder.
  3. Add Compliance:

    • Set up compliance using Predefined Rules or Compliance Builder.
    • Ensure regulatory compliance based on real-time customer data.
  4. Campaign Activation:

    • Define the activation channel and add audience metadata.
    • Check channel details and ensure correct data delivery.
  5. Campaign Schedule:

    • Set Audience Refresh, Start Date, and End Date.
    • Save or publish the campaign.
  6. Campaign Summary:

    • Access the Campaign Summary for detailed information.
    • Edit, duplicate, archive, or delete the campaign as needed.

Your Journey Begins

Embark on your journey with Campaign Builder, where you’ll navigate the world of Segments and Campaigns to craft marketing masterpieces. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a newcomer, this platform offers a robust suite of tools to bring your creative vision to life. Let Campaign Builder be your canvas, and let the success stories inspire your marketing endeavors.