About Segments

Segments are the first step in the FunnelManager campaign flow.

Segments allow users to:

  • Create reusable audience rules using selected data.

  • Configure the data fields wanted for targeting and build audience selection rules through an adaptable and intuitive user interface, using Boolean logic. These segments can then be used in multiple campaigns in different combinations.

  • Estimate segment sizes to plan campaigns.

  • Test segment sizes with and without compliance using segment estimation reporting to provide a snapshot view of audience size (delivered directly to your inbox) for effective campaign planning.

Segment List

Upon selecting “Segment” from the menu, you will enter into a summary table showing all segments in the FunnelManager instance.

The segment table is fully searchable in the search bar on the top right of the table, and the table can also be ordered by table headers.

The right sidebar houses the segment folders and their management tools. There are also two quick filters for all segments (All Folders) and unsorted segments (Unknown Folder) to the left of the search bar.

Clicking on a specific segment within the table will open that segment’s Segment Summary.

To the top right of the segment table is the Segment Creation button (+), used to create a new segment.

Segment Summary

The Segment Summary provides a view of the Segment Information, including category, status, creation date, ID, and description. It is available when selecting individual segments from the segment table, or is shown automatically once a created segment is saved.

Within this view, there are tools to edit, duplicate, archive and delete the segment, as well as reporting in the right sidebar.

Segment Status

Currently, the only Segment Status is Available, which allows users to estimate the segment audience and use segments in campaigns.

Segment Versioning

When fundamental changes are made to the segment definition (via editing), a new version of the segment is defined. At present, only the current version can be seen by users, except for in the reporting, where previous version reports are stored for reference.

In future, past segment versions and segment changes will be available via the UI.

Segment Reporting

Segment reporting allows for the snapshot estimation of audience size to assist the user when constructing a campaign. From this snapshot, the user can estimate the audience size that may be reached using the segment.

The estimate can be further refined by selecting the compliance rules and audience filters that might be used in a campaign.

The segment will autoestimate upon first save (without any compliance rules of audience filters), but must be manually estimated for any subsequent snapshots or versions (created after editing the segment definition)

All estimates and reports are emailed to the user who initiates them also.

IMPORTANT: The user will receive an email if the estimate fails. In this instance, please contact the support team for further assistance.