About Activations

Activations are the final step in the FunnelManager campaign flow.

Activations allow users to:

  • Activate data audiences to multiple channels (endpoints).

Campaign audiences can be configured to deliver to multiple endpoints for multichannel engagement.

  • Report on audience delivery to a specific channel.

Offers allows users to define multiple audiences to be targeted under a single campaign, and for additional personalisation to be managed.

Activation Table

As with “Segments” and “Campaigns”, by selecting “Activations” from the menu, you will enter into a summary table showing all activations in the FunnelManager instance that is fully searchable and can be filtered by status.

The right sidebar houses the activation folders and their management tools.

Clicking on a specific activation within the table will open that campaign’s Activation View.

To the top left of the segment table is the Campaign Activation Creation button (+), used to create a new activation.

Activation Summary

Once saved, the activation summary will be available when selecting individual activation from the activation table.

This activation summary provides a view of the activation details, including creator, creation date, campaign offers, compliance and current status.

Within this view, there are tools to edit, duplicate, archive and delete the activation (see Activation Management).

The right sidebar is dedicated to activation reporting.

Activation Reporting

Activation reporting allows for the campaign audience sizes to be estimated and tested prior to publishing the activation (AVAILABLE status). The activation is auto-estimated upon creation and for every subsequent version edit. The Estimate button also allows users to take a snapshot estimate of an activation at their convenience (for example, to test an activation set up some time previously but not published).

When the activation is PUBLISHED, this estimate function is no longer available, and instead the reporting shows the figures for the latest activation execution, including breakdown by offer.

All estimates and reports are emailed to the user who initiates them also.