React Native

Why using our React Native package ?

Using the package provides a quick and easy integration and comfortable handling of the data. Package supports base SDK operations required to launch services, as well as CDP services and TrustPid services.

CDP service provides:

  1. Analytics data collection for anonymous visitors and identified customers using the events logging system.
  2. Customer identification using any sort of customer identifier like for example email, customer id, etc.
  3. Audience data retrieval from profile to campaign attributes, as well as a universal marketing identifier.
  4. Consent/Permissions management, including capturing and updating consent and marketing permissions, which can be defined as required.

TrustPid service provides:

  1. Functions which uses the mobile networks connections of various participating telcos to seamlessly identify customers.
  2. MarTechID operations for cross-channel customer identification. It belongs to the app provider (Data Controller) and is unique to the user of that Data Controller.
  3. AdTechID operations which can be used across 3rd party media for targeting and attribution. It is consistent across all Data Controllers, but “dynamically” encrypted (a different value on every refresh) so that only authorized systems (DSPs) can decrypt it for campaign audience matching.
  4. Handlers to control consent status for the service and read the current status and IDs.